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Take a look at some of our most popular – and biggest – chicken coops. Our large and extra large coops fit 15+ chickens and are still sized perfectly to fit right in your backyard.

All of our coops and accessories are shipped from Salt Lake City or Knoxville within 24 hours of your purchase. All items are shipped via FedEx and you are provided a tracking number shortly after each purchase.

There are many factors to consider including the chicken breeds you have and if you’re able to free range your chickens. For example, Australorps, Cochins and Rhode Islands take up more space than Silkies. Keep in mind that chickens share nesting boxes and you should provide a nest box for every three to four hens. Chickens also don’t mind standing side by side on roosting bars.

There are no cut and dry square foot requirements as it depends on your setup and the breeds that you have, but error on the side of some extra space. Even if you have only a few chickens to start out, a chicken coop for 10+ chickens is a great place to start and will provide enough square feet for larger flocks.

The poultry industry is raising laying hens and broilers in extreme forms of confinement with artificial lightning. Show your chickens some love and give them the space they need.

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